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Central Machinery & Plastic Products (CMP) is a manufacturing firm concentrating in providing Plastic Processing  Machines to the international market. CMP has grown steadily and prominently for the last forty-seven years,  and has for several years been considered the leading and largest manufacturer of Blow Moulding Machine in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and now with a strong presence in America.  We credit our success to our customers who appreciate our outstanding products coupled with its lasting performance and exceptional service.

Although CMP produces a variety of machines for processing plastics, our mainstream expertise is The CMP Blow Moulding Machine.  We take pride in informing you that we manufacture over 300 Blow Moulding Machine a year, and at present have over 3800 machines in operation.  Our Blow Moulding Machine  are the  heart of our business,  and because we produce so many machines in one year  we are able to pass the saving to our end users.  Our 50 ml Blow Moulding Machine start from $ 10,000.00  and go up to $ 150,000.00 for the 10 Ltr. Machines.  We believe in providing the highest quality machines at the best possible price.

 Our ability to manufacture to your specification and ensure the success of our products  is but one of many advantages you have when dealing  with CMP.   Our compact designing combined with user friendly interface ensure the success of our machines.  Both the CMP Single Station Blow Moulder and the CMP Twin Station Blow Moulder are equipped  with globally renowned components in hydraulic, electronic and pneumatic systems.  To automate the removal of scrap from the  bottles and containers we also offer the “De-Flashing” machine. Another unique feature we make available to our customers is the “Microprocessor Control” unit (T.M.C.),  which is a sophisticated programmable unit allowing complete control over the blow moulding parameters.

 CMP’s commitment to excellence dose not start with the sale of a machine, but rather with the purchase of its parts.  Unlike other manufacturers we insists on using premium quality parts produced by A+ rated companies.  Our preference in using the best brand name components is to ensure that our customers attain the maximum return  on their investment.  By only using brand name components, such as Festo, Bosch, Vickers, ABB, Seimens, Barber Coleman & Moog Controls,  we are able to guarantee that you will never be disappointed in choosing CMP.  The benefit of using reputable companies is to ensure a parts dealer is available in each country all over the world.  The ability of our machine to blend in any international market is another key reason for our success.  We ensure our machines are functional in any city in any country.  We achieve this primarily by using ISO 9000 certified suppliers.  Remarkably so even while providing the best machines we promise the most  competitive prices. You will find extraordinary savings when you Purchase your next Blow Moulding Machine from  CMP, but rest assured the quality of the machine will surpass if not equal the quality of our competitors.  For years CMP has grown on one principle, selling the best products at the best price.

Lastly , along with providing the best machines at the best price CMP has soared above its competition by offering more than  just machines.  Today CMP is taking a bold  step in offering its infrastructure and corporate knowledge to work as a “subcontractor” and “Specific  Components  Manufacturing”. We can do this because at present we utilize in house CNC Machining , CNC Jig boring, CNC Lathing, CNC Surfacing,  Centralized Grinding Full Size Machine Planning, Short Blasting on machine frames, Nitriding, Steel Treatment like hardening, stress-sleeving, blackening, buffing, straightening and Hard chrome Plating.  Not only this but we also have Seven Tank Oven Painted Epoxy and Powder Coated Plants.  These services, which force many firm to sink their capital  into creating such centers within their organization, are but a daily function at CMP.  We can offer to subcontract, because of our capacity to manufacture in  excess of 300 machine anually. We can undertake your Plastic Machinery Components fabrication contracts, built as per your specification and requirement, because of our superior infrastructure and in house functions.   We take the hassle away by furnishing YOUR products per YOUR specification .  Furthermore, we are also ready to furnish as necessary Microprocessors, PLCs, Timers, Pyrometers and PID Controls.  These complex electronic items are readily available and are guaranteed to exceed your requirements.  Not just reliability, but cost control is also one of the significant features we bring to a manufacturing organization. Because we manufacture all  components as per your requirement, but will even create the necessary systems or machines to furnish your desired requirement.  Rest assured, CMP is not moving away from its mainstream,  Plastic Machine Manufacturing, but rather combining its machines and our expert services to offer lead time efficient components and services.

 Now, more than ever, CMP can offer not just the best machine at the best price, but also offer the security of a sound and efficient supplier for all your processing and parts needs.  We look forward to hearing from you for all your collaborative engineering, components, special design machine and its parts requirements.


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